Ever heard a female spin on an #Afrobeats song by @r2beesnation? Have a listen at my Youtube channel (AugustinaOnline) @mugeezxmugeez. Fell in love with their song. #cover #artist #afrobeats #r2bees #femaleversion #vocalist #music #afro #tunes #africa #pidgin #english #ghana #ghanaian #diaspora keys by @joshuaasare @__rickr


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Wash day 24th August ‘14

Wash day 24th August ‘14


So I’m finally home from  my trip and it was time to wash my hair.  Because of my braids I had to find a different way to do my wash  routine. To make it easy I used a spraying bottle.

Step 1
I started with conditioning my hair. I mixed Cream of Nature Professional Moisture Extreme Conditioner with castor , rosemary oil  and glycerine. I dilute the mixture with a little bit of water. I applied…

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How do you do it? - maintaining your braids –

How do you do it? – maintaining your braids –

braids hairstyleOn my trip to Madrid I braided my hair. I like to braid or weave my hair when I’m away from  home. It was a trip for 9 days.  The reason I do this type of styles is because I don’t want to bring a lot of hair products on the trip.

During my trip I realised that I  had nothing to keep my hair moisturize. A wrong move for not brining any hair products. – it is important to keep your hair moisturize…

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